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Amy Bee

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When it’s time for editing, I’ll be your trusty & collaborative editor.

Memoir: Hard Stories, Bold Edits

You’ve written your memoir and want to share it with the world. Whether you go traditional or self-publish, a good edit can make all the difference. I’m skilled at editing and writing memoir, which means I understand what it’s like to pour your heart into a personal story and know how to make sure your voice shines through on every page.

Speculative Fiction: You Write It, I Wanna Edit It

Bring it on! All your wild plots and fantastic worlds are welcome here. Let’s work together to make sure your narration, dialogue, and characterizations tell your story the best way possible.

Hybrid Tale? Misfit Novel? Yes, and Yes, Please

Hey, maybe you don’t know where your story fits. That’s okay. I’m an open and curious reader and editor, ready, willing, and able to tackle your weird little text monster.

It’s All About That Sentence Level Love

You’ve written your novel or your memoir (or your strange creature) and put your all into telling the best story you can. Now let me help you make sure every sentence is tightened and packs the punch needed to keep readers invested all the way to the last line.

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Amy is extremely insightful, a pleasure to work with, and very helpful!

When I was working on my book, I was completely lost. I had so many ideas and big picture concepts but it wasn’t coming out how I wanted it to. Amy did a full developmental edit and line edit with me and greatly improved my book!

Aaron Carnes, author of In Defense of Ska