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A developmental edit helps you shape your vision

You’ve written a draft and you’ve revised. Congratulations! That’s no small feat. You did it. Pat yourself on the back. Now it’s time to think about the reader. Let’s take all your great ideas, scenes, and story elements and create cohesion with a developmental edit. My job will be to immerse myself in your manuscript and identify what’s working and what’s not, including issues pertaining to:

  • narrative structure
  • characterization
  • plot holes
  • point of view
  • scene vs. summary
  • pacing/tension
  • readability/entertainment
  • dialogue
  • description vs. action
  • genre expectations

I will also leave extensive comments based on my observations in your manuscript and include an in-depth editorial letter discussing what works, what needs work, and suggestions for revision. (A manuscript assessment, like a developmental edit but with less detail, is also available at a lower price.)

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Amy Bee is a fantastic writer, editor, and a cool person.

She was a HUGE help to me as I was writing What I Was Arrested For. She can make you a better writer.

Keith Lowell Jensen, author of What I was arrested for

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