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Every Level* Of Writing

*from big picture to nitty-gritty

Literary & Editorial Services

Not sure what kind of editing service you need? That’s perfectly fine. I gladly offer sample edits to help identify what level of editing will best suit you and your manuscript. A sample edit is also a good way to see if we’re the right fit for a productive and satisfying writer/editor collaboration. Below are the services currently available. Book mapping will be available in the second half of 2022. Take a gander and feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

Developmental Editing

LION BY THE TAIL Editing Services: Manuscript Assessment by Amy Bee

You’ve revised a few drafts, but do the elements add up? Time to delve into a developmental edit.

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Line Editing

LION BY THE TAIL Editing Services: Line Editing by Amy Bee

You’ve worked out all the kinks in your story structure. Now it’s time to tend to the sentence-level issues of your work with a line edit. 

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LION BY THE TAIL Editing Services: Copyediting by Amy Bee

Your manuscript is in tip-top shape and it reads great! Time to fix all those little errors that take readers out of the moment.

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Mini Line + Copy

LION BY THE TAIL Editing Services: Mini Line and Copyedit combo (under 10k) by Amy Bee

You’re submitting short-form fiction or creative nonfiction to a contest or lit mag. Let’s make your story stand out from the crowd.

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The Editorial Freelancers Association has an informative rate table to help understand the prices of editing services.

Different kinds of editing services

Let’s talk more about editing services

  • Developmental Edit: A deep dive into the big picture issues. Includes extensive manuscript comments and an editorial letter. Often procured after several drafts of author revisions.
  • Line Edit: A Sentence-level focus on content style, phrasings, word usage. Inludes manuscript comments and an editorial letter. Often considered an ‘intermediary’ between a developmental edit and copyedit.
  • Copyedit: A careful and thorough comb-through of the manuscript, fixing readability errors and inconsistencies. Includes a style sheet. Often seen as the last edit before sending the manuscript to agents and publishers. Self-publishers would want to hire an eagle-eyed proofreader after the copyedit.

I probably wouldn’t have finished my second edition without help from Amy Bee.

When I was working on my first draft, she helped with structural problems and line edits. When I finished my 4th edit, she did it again. Her help with developmental, line, and copyediting strengthened the sentences so they read easily, made sense, and were enjoyable. She’s very insightful, a great collaborator, and works hard to maintain the writer’s voice. A good editor is hard to find, and she’s excellent! She has a gift for this! She can help you like she helped me.


-Aaron Carnes, author of in defense of ska, 2nd edition