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Tenacious editing by Amy Bee includes focused and intensive line edits.

A good line edit keeps your readers engaged

You’ve worked out all the kinks in your story structure. Now it’s time to tend to the sentence-level issues of your work with a line edit. My job will be to tackle your manuscript line by line, taking care to remove any hiccups that may affect readability or cause your readers’ minds to wander off. Some key issues I’ll be addressing while maintaining your authentic voice and intent:

  • wordiness and/or word choice
  • dialogue tags
  • pacing and flow
  • tone, diction, syntax
  • clunky or clich√© phrasings
  • character consistency
  • narration consistency
  • cohesion and readability of dialogue and action sequences
  • P.O.V. and tense issues
  • style consistency

I will also leave comments based on my observations in your manuscript and include a brief editorial letter discussing anything of import.

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Amy did an excellent job.

My main concern was that my voice would be changed by the editing process. The manuscript was delivered in a clean, fresh read while keeping my voice intact. The changes and suggestions were right in line with the type of style consistent with my writing. There was a lot of work put into this.

Jeremy Fulmore, author of Cold Train Through Hell

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